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China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 中国联合网络通信集团有限公司) or China Unicom (Chinese: 中国联通) (CUniq in short) is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator of China. China Unicom is the world's fourth-largest mobile service provider by subscriber base.

Started as a wireless paging and GSM mobile operator, it currently provides a wide range of services including nationwide GSM mobile network, long-distance, local calling, data communication, Internet services, and IP telephony in mainland China,[citation needed] and has operated a CDMA network in Macau since October 18, 2006. As of the end of April 2008, the company had 125 million GSM subscribers and 43 million CDMA subscribers. As of November 2008 the CDMA operations have been moved to China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom Group). On 7 January 2009, China Unicom was awarded WCDMA license to expand its business to 3G telecommunication. UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) was launched in major cities across China on May 17, 2009.

China Unicom national markets

  • China Unicom
  • CUniq HK
  • CUniq US
  • CUniq UK

China Unicom owners

  • China Unicom Limited - 40.92%
  • China Netcom Group - 29.49%
  • Telefonica - 9.7%

China Unicom telecommunication technologies

  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • UMTS
  • HSPA+
  • TD-LTE
  • LTE
  • LTE Advanced


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